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4 Things You Can Automate in Your Email Marketing That Will Save You Time and Drive Sales

July 25, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

Companies use email for marketing because it’s an effective way to reach their customer base through a channel they use most often. People spend a lot of time checking email — to the tune of 143 minutes every weekday — […]

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Want to Increase Sales? Leverage this Brand Hack

July 12, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to work on increasing your brand awareness if you want to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. Brand awareness refers to how often your brand or product name comes up in conversations, and the […]

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How to boost sales with holiday SMS marketing

July 11, 2022

Via: Marketing Dive

You probably have your holiday email blast ready to go. Or at least you have an idea of what it should be considering the retail season kicks off earlier and earlier each year. However, while the subject lines are catchy, […]

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7 Elements To Cultivate a Prosperous Content Culture

July 7, 2022

Via: CMI

As the vehicle driving all public-facing messaging for the organization, content is essential to the success of every department. With all the different goals to achieve, it’s no wonder tension builds when it comes to content production and distribution. Seemingly […]

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4 Tips for Developing a Marketing Plan That Will Actually Grow Your Business

April 29, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

Your business’ marketing strategy has the potential to boost sales and thrust you into the limelight. However, if your strategy is not properly planned, you may inadvertently stall revenue and limit your own success. We have to be intentional in […]

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What is Internet Marketing? Your Guide to Today’s Online Marketing

August 27, 2021

Via: Search Engine Journal

Marketing is all about reaching your target audience at the right place and at the right time. With more than 4.8 billion people using the internet today, internet marketing is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reach […]

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Salesforce unveils its first Slack integrations

August 19, 2021

Via: CMO

Salesforce has offered up a first glimpse of plans to integrate Slack into its products following the completion of its US$27.7 billion acquisition last month. Salesforce said on Monday that Slack will be integrated into the Customer 360 platform in […]


P&G boosts marketing as US sales surge amid pandemic

April 20, 2020

Via: Marketing Dive

As the world’s biggest advertiser, P&G sets the tone for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and the many companies that rely on its estimated $10.1 billion in yearly spending on media and marketing services worldwide. The company is committed […]

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How to Use Content Marketing to Support Your Sales Team

March 12, 2020

Via: Target Marketing

Improving your sales team’s effectiveness is an ongoing process. Content marketing can help. In fact, content is no longer a nice-to-have. For most marketers, it’s a must-have. Here’s why. Content IS Your Sales Team For starters, today’s buyers are typically […]


Account-Based Marketing in a Nutshell

January 16, 2020

Via: Natalie Dunn

Personalized marketing campaigns have been a hot topic for some time now and for good reason—getting personal with your leads will help you close more deals. And since the stakes are high, it’s no wonder that 65% of B2B buyers […]

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3 Effective Bottom-of-the-Funnel Marketing Tactics for Social Media

December 5, 2019

Via: Target Marketing

At this point, every marketer knows how important social media is for building a presence and making sales. However, marketers also know that selling products or services on social media requires a vastly different approach than “spray and pray.” This […]

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HP Improves ABM with Sales and Marketing Integration

November 8, 2019

Via: Chief Marketer

Crafting a more holistic marketing approach based on better sales and marketing integration is helping Hewlett Packard Enterprise improve account based marketing (ABM) and better engage key target accounts. In 2014, Hewlett Packard split into two divisions, HP inc., the […]


10 Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

July 21, 2019

Via: Natalie Dunn

A steady stream of sales leads (or lack thereof) is what makes or breaks your business. Regardless of how excellent your products or services are, if no one knows about them, it’s rather impossible to maintain your competitive edge. But […]

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How Brands Can Align Content Marketing With Sales

May 1, 2019

Via: Target Marketing

If your sales team doesn’t like the leads your marketing team is sending them, you should be inviting those marketing folks to sit in on sales calls to help them create the right content marketing programs. It’s not news that […]


CMOs Must Ask These 4 Questions to Create Successful Ad Campaigns

April 16, 2019

Via: Target Marketing

CMOs should always aim to tie their ad campaigns to incremental sales impact. Failure to do so can not only hurt your professional reputation, but also lead to smaller marketing budgets for your brand in the future. After all, CFOs […]

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How B2B Marketing Can Make B2B Sales Easy

April 3, 2019

Via: Target Marketing

My headline isn’t going to win any friends across the aisle in the land of sales teams, and I’ll admit there’s a bit of attention-seeking there. But, even though I won’t suggest that sales is by definition easier than marketing, […]

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4 Factors That Cause Google Ads Campaigns to Fail

March 6, 2019

Via: Target Marketing

Google Ads campaigns can be a very effective way to generate leads if you know what you’re doing. The problem is that many people jump into Google Ads blindly. They figure Google will lead them through the steps and instantly, […]

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The Cost Marketing Pays When Sales Misuses the CRM

February 7, 2019

Via: Target Marketing

Bad things happen when sales reps ignore all of the insights their organization’s marketers place in the CRM system. From management not being able to discern how pipeline strength correlates to sales activity to them simply focusing on closed deals, […]

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B2B Marketing ROI — Focus on Quality Over Quantity

November 20, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

The efficacy of B2B marketing can be notoriously hard to measure. Due to long sales cycles and channel conflicts, most B2B marketers are underestimating the ROI of their campaigns. In an effort to improve ROI, B2B marketers often fall into […]

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Sales Enablement Tools Are the Keys to Making More Money

July 6, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

Over the last several years, many technologies have been developed to help accelerate and automate the sales and marketing functions. First, it was upper funnel tools that help drive customer awareness and consideration through marketing automation. Then came the middle […]