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How to Identify Mobile Ad Fraud

January 14, 2019

Via: Chief Marketer

It’s inevitable that as mobile ad spending goes up, so does mobile ad fraud. Mobile ad spending is growing by 20% this year and is valued at over $75 billion, according to Forbes. RetailDive reports that fraud rates have almost […]

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Intent Targeted Ads Outperform Paid Search in B2B

January 8, 2019

Via: Aberdeen

Do you know what you are spending to attract a target account to your website? Most companies haven’t done the analysis. Would it surprise you to learn that in our Media Audits we found that the average paid search cost […]

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It’s Time to Create a Risk-Free, Open and Connected Advertising Environment

January 7, 2019

Via: Adweek

The airplane is a miracle of an invention. A trip from New York to London, once a week-long steamship journey, can be completed in just six hours. But even with the promise of speedy travel, would you ever buy a […]

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This Ad Marketplace Uses Packages as a Prime Advertising Space

January 4, 2019

Via: Adweek

Brands try every available marketing tool to meet customer acquisition costs, and in the fancy digital age, some companies are bringing back some old-school tactics, like package ad inserts. UnDigital, a package insert advertising marketplace, is tapping into marketers’ concerns […]


The 5 Most Important Ad Industry Stories of 2018

December 27, 2018

Via: Adweek

Ad industry employees with fatalistic tendencies had a collective freakout in 2018, and who can blame them? Everywhere one looked, houses were on fire as legacies collapsed. Some of the business’s biggest names—both people and organizations—exited stage left in most […]

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Here Are the Best Ways to Market Movies via Facebook and Instagram

December 26, 2018

Via: Adweek

While the idea of spontaneously seeing a film may seem whimsical, it’s not happening too often, according to a recent online study by Accenture that was commissioned by Facebook. Accenture surveyed 1,074 active U.S. moviegoers—defined as someone who has seen […]

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9 Ways Advertising Can Take Advantage of Digital Growth in 2019

December 20, 2018

Via: Adweek

We’re deep into the mechanisms of digital transformation. Retailers are gradually migrating to more automated customer experiences, there’s an app for everything and algorithms rule advertising even when it comes to the influencers who’ve most recently challenged the value proposition […]


2 Ways Marketers Can Alleviate Holiday Stress for Consumers

December 6, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

It’s the winter holidays, encompassing Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa, (and perhaps Festivus for some of you other there). It should be a time of celebration, gathering friends and family, but according to a poll by the American Psychological Association, holiday […]

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Why Brands Need to Apply Specific Strategies to Content to Make it Meaningful

December 6, 2018

Via: Adweek

To stand out, brands need to be meaningful. Maybe in 2018 that doesn’t come as a surprise to advertising and marketing professionals, however, what may be surprising is the number of brands that remain irrelevant. Recent data from the 2018 […]

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How to Measure Your Google Ads ROI

November 21, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

Measuring your Google Ads ROI is an important step in effectively optimizing your ad campaigns. You must know how much you need to invest and how much that investment should pay you back. That’s the only way to stay on […]