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Bing Deep Search is rolling out to more users

February 2, 2024

Via: Search Engine Land

Microsoft’s Deep Search, an optional generative AI feature meant to help searchers with complex questions that don’t have simple answers, seems to have rolled out to more users today. I personally can see the “Deep Search” icon at the top […]


Microsoft Explains How Bing AI Search Uses Web Content

February 22, 2023

Via: Search Engine Journal

Microsoft Bing Blogs published new information about how the new AI-integrated search works, including details of a technology called Bing Orchestrator that works like a coordinator between the Bing website index and the “next generation GPT” underlying the new version […]

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Content creators are concerned with the new AI features in Bing and Google

February 13, 2023

Via: Search Engine Land

Publishers and content creators are becoming more concerned about their future following the previews last week of Google Bard and Microsoft’s Bing AI with ChatGPT. A search results page with long, detailed, and incredibly smart answers to your queries versus […]

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New Bing Maps Features Could Help Small Businesses and Travelers

July 7, 2022

Via: Small Business Trends

The new ‘experiences’ as Bing calls them includes a Distance Calculator App, a Gas Prices Map App, and a Parking Finder Map App. As their names imply, they help travelers find out how far away certain places are, as well […]

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Google and Bing halt all ad sales in Russia

March 4, 2022

Via: Search Engine Land

Google and Bing have expanded ad sales suspensions imposed on Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine. Google has temporarily halted ads from serving to Russia-based users, the company announced Thursday. Similarly, Microsoft announced that it will suspend all new […]

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Why Does Google Not Recognize My Competitor’s Links As Manipulated?

January 25, 2022

Via: Search Engine Journal

This week’s Ask An SEO question comes from Arvin from Vancouver, Canada, who wrote: “One of our competitors has gotten tons of backlinks from unrelated posts including forums like that of (and many other .edu sites, too). Even after […]

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4 ways to get more out of Bing Ads

February 23, 2018

Via: Marketing Land

Sometimes Bing Ads is the forgotten stepchild of PPC. The reasons probably trace back to when Bing Ads was very hard to manage and provided very little opportunity for the effort invested, but times have changed. With now more market […]

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Bing Ads Reorganizes Workflow, Adds Intelligence To Recommend Bids, Keywords

October 26, 2016

Via: Media Post

Machine learning continues to make Bing Ads a bit smarter as the Microsoft team works to simplify processes and create a more intuitive interface, helping advertisers to create better targeted search campaigns. So the team redesigned and reorganized the workflow […]