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Converting Commercial Marketing Strategies Into Social Marketing Goals

June 14, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

Social marketing is designed to alter people’s behavior for the benefit of others—a concept meant to be beneficial to society as a whole. While commercial marketing strategies are used primarily to boost sales and profits, social marketing goals are different. […]

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Twitter Shares New Insights into What Users Want to See from Brands via Tweet [Infographic]

February 9, 2022

Via: Social Media Today

What should your brand be posting about on Twitter, and how can you maximize connection with your audience? There’s no right answer to this, as it will vary from business to business, but there are some overall guidance notes that […]

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The Future of Social Marketing: Trends to Track

March 4, 2021

Via: Social Media Examiner

Marketing today really boils down to one question: “How can we be heard?” And that’s getting increasingly difficult. Being relevant, interesting, timely, entertaining, and superior isn’t enough anymore. The central issue with content, now and into the future, is “How […]

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Instagram Continues to Gain on Facebook for Brands, But News Feed Stays Strong

September 27, 2019

Via: Adweek

Despite several gains by Instagram at the expense of its parent company, Facebook’s News Feed still snatches up 60% of overall social media ad spend, according to the recently release Must-Know Social Media Trends second-quarter-2019 report from social marketing platform […]


Why Businesses Will Struggle to Adapt to 2018’s Social Marketing Challenges

February 9, 2018

Via: Adweek

In its ongoing efforts to redefine popular beauty standards as part of its decade-long Real Beauty campaigns, Dove learned the hard way about the thin line that exists between positive social message and controversy. For a company that has so […]

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4 Strategies for Connecting With Schools on Social Media

January 2, 2018

Via: Convince and Convert

For young students, there’s no forbidden door more enthralling than the one labeled “Teacher’s Lounge—Staff Only.” What’s going on in there? Wild parties? The truth is much more mundane than the fabrications of a nine-year-old’s mind. They’re likely to find […]

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3 Awesome Reasons Why Businesses Need Social Media

May 22, 2017

Via: Social Media Today

Social media has revolutionized the way people do business, maybe even more so than the telephone did, way back in the day. Every day, we find new and potentially better ways to incorporate social media into our daily lives, and this […]

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5 Ways Top Marketers are Driving Social Media ROI

May 1, 2017

Via: Social Media Today

We’re all too well aware of how social media has changed the marketing landscape over the past decade. People can now interact with brands in multiple ways, across multiple devices, and through multiple channels. But while the social media transformation […]

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5 Insights That Shed Light on the Most Effective Social Marketing Tactics

December 27, 2016

Via: Adweek

Marketers are all too aware of the increase in ad blockers’ popularity over the last two years, and many have turned to social media as an alternative channel for getting in front of their target customers. As marketers begin preparing […]

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The New-School Social Media Blueprint of a Fresh and Bold Digital Agency

April 4, 2016

Via: BufferSocial

Starting fresh — be it with a new social account, a new business, or anything — takes a lot of guts and requires a lot of passion. It also helps to have a little something unique. What that something is […]

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The Top B2B Industries on Social Media

March 31, 2016

Via: Direct Marketing News

When it comes to social media, many B2B marketers are skeptical. Sure, they may have taken the “obligatory steps,” and set up accounts to distribute thought leadership, notes TrackMaven’s Ian Walsh; however, the CMO of the digital marketing analytics provider […]