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5 Proven Ways To Increase Your Google Rankings

June 28, 2022

Via: Search Engine Journal

Many things have changed in SEO since Google first came online in 1998. The one thing that hasn’t changed is this: Your organic traffic is directly related to your search engine ranking positions. If you have a prolific number of […]


LinkedIn Lists This Year’s Top 25 Marketing Companies

June 28, 2022

Via: Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn lists the top 25 companies in the marketing and advertising industry in a new report that could be a valuable resource for job seekers. The report aims to highlight the ‘best workplaces to grow a career’ in 2022. LinkedIn’s […]

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TikTok Advertisers Can Now Set Custom Attribution Windows

June 28, 2022

Via: Search Engine Journal

Marketers running ads on TikTok can now optimize their campaigns with flexible attribution windows ranging from one day to 28 days. An ‘attribution window’ refers to the time it takes for a customer to take action after an ad is […]

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Generations X, Y, Z and Alpha: how to ‘hook’ with them

September 13, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

The new generations of consumers are transforming various industries and each of them has positioned itself as a new segment of interest. We are talking about generations X, Y, Z and Alpha. Over the years, the offers and distribution channels […]

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The ASAP Formula: How Entrepreneurs Can Tap Into Free PR And Marketing

November 11, 2020

Via: Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur and running a business is not easy. To make your business work, you need to get in front of as many potential clients as possible. But how do you do that when you don’t have thousands — […]

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We’ve (Unfortunately) Entered an Age of Ugly Social Media Ads

January 27, 2020

Via: Adweek

Social ads have become the same billboard you see every few miles of highway, that strange repetitive advertisement you see while streaming your favorite shows. While these paid ads are supposed to convince consumers to stop scrolling and learn about […]

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Three ways Marketing and Technology Can Collaborate on Digital Transformation

December 11, 2019

Via: Chief Marketer

If ever two teams needed to be close enough to share DNA, it’s marketing and technology. Gone are the days when the technology team looked at marketing as the team that does the hoo-ha—slick advertisements, flashy websites, and puts logos […]

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The best APAC digital marketing stats from March 2016

April 5, 2016

Via: Econsultancy blog

This month’s APAC stats roundup extols the power of ecommerce in APAC and the rush for marketers to master marketing automation. Other topics include Facebook in Southeast Asia, media use in Australia, car buying in Singapore and the continuing trouble […]

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5 brands that are going all-in on election year

February 26, 2016

Via: Digiday

Many brands don’t want to advertise around political news, lest they become associated with a polarizing topic like immigration or religion. And politically themed ads can risk being drowned out by the glut of political messages out there. But ads that speak to […]