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Ad industry ‘not even close’ to realizing net-zero goals, report says

November 20, 2023

Via: Marketing Dive

Ad Net Zero in June issued a requirement that all of its industry partners set science-based net zero carbon targets within a year. Using data compiled through September, the group’s new review shows just how far its partners — and […]

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How prepared is the ad industry for a cookieless future?

April 26, 2022

Via: Marketing Dive

More than two years ago, Google fired the starting gun in the ad industry’s race towards a cookieless future. While some progress has been made in advance of the impending sea change in digital targeting, measurement and attribution, a clear […]


Ad industry’s response to Russia: The story so far

March 21, 2022

Via: Marketing Dive

The ad industry has been swift to act since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly a month ago. The war, beyond its tragic humanitarian toll, has thrown businesses further into global chaos, with compounding supply chain and inflationary pressures and complex logistical […]

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Google’s Topics shows the ad industry needs a better case for targeting

February 3, 2022

Via: Marketing Dive

Google just unveiled Topics, a new model for post-third-party-cookie ad targeting that replaces the company’s previous proposal, Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoCs). We may remember FLoCs as the last stand of the cookie. The model proposed targeting groups of users […]


Ad industry groups launch effort to push for addressable media standards

August 4, 2020

Via: Marketing Land

Privacy regulations and changes to the ways browsers and operating systems — namely those by Apple and Google — handle ad targeting and tracking are causing upheaval across the digital ad ecosystem. To address these challenges, and push back on […]


The 5 Most Important Ad Industry Stories of 2018

December 27, 2018

Via: Adweek

Ad industry employees with fatalistic tendencies had a collective freakout in 2018, and who can blame them? Everywhere one looked, houses were on fire as legacies collapsed. Some of the business’s biggest names—both people and organizations—exited stage left in most […]