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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency fails to stop third-party tracking

January 10, 2022

Via: Business of Apps

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency that was rolled out with iOS 14.5 appears to have made no difference in the total number of active third-party trackers, and didn’t affect third-party tracking connection attempts either. That’s according to new research from the […]


TikTok Leads Christmas Day Download Charts, New Markers of the Coming Metaverse Shift

December 28, 2021

Via: Social Media Today

TikTok looks set to continue its growth momentum well into 2022, with the short-form video app topping the download charts on Christmas Day, while VR and the broader metaverse shift also saw some important consumer indicators in the latest data […]

Big Data, Customer Data

A quarter of global app users consent to tracking on iOS 14

June 23, 2021

Via: Business of Apps

It seems that opt-in rates for app tracking on iOS 14.5 aren’t changing as much as app marketers may have hoped they would. Flurry Analytics has been tracking opt-ins steadily over the past few weeks and the data shows that […]