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Advertising Technology

What Chatbots Are Teaching Us About the Future of Marketing

October 31, 2016

Via: Adweek

Chatbots are treated like the simpletons of the artificial intelligence world, overshadowed by movie-trailer-creating Watson and its ilk, or the suggestion engines of huge etailers. But a good implementation of a simple chatbot requires a deft understanding of the interplay […]

Advertising & Branding

What Ad Buyers Really Think About Google, Facebook, Twitter and Everything in Between

September 6, 2016

Via: Adweek

The major digital media platforms—full of big gains, big hype and often a lack of transparency—have made the advertising universe a complicated, fragmented place. And with eMarketer predicting digital ad spending to swell to $77.4 billion in 2017, up 16 […]

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Verizon Looking To Rev Up AOL’s Mobile, Programmatic Ads Through Yahoo

July 26, 2016

Via: Media Post

Verizon bought Yahoo’s core assets for billions, but analysts and industry insiders can’t seem to agree on which company got the better deal from the acquisition announced Monday. The transaction makes Verizon much more important to the digital advertising industry, […]

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Verizon Strengthens 5 Major Areas Following Its Acquisition of Yahoo

July 25, 2016

Via: Adweek

It’s official—Verizon has officially acquired Yahoo for $4.8 billion in cash. The digital player’s core business—namely its advertising business and content—will be integrated into Verizon-owned AOL as the telecom looks to compete with established digital players Google and Facebook. After […]

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AOL Has Named Tim Mahlman President of AOL Platforms

July 8, 2016

Via: Adweek

Looking to further merge the advertising and publishing sides of its business, AOL has named Tim Mahlman president of AOL Platforms. His first day is today. Mahlman—who will lead a team of 1,400 engineers, product developers, and sales and client […]