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Instagram Tests New Process to Help Brands Source UGC in the App

April 28, 2023

Via: Social Media Today

Instagram’s testing out a new option that will help brands discover relevant UGC in the app that they can then share as examples to better promote their products in-stream. As you can see in this example, shared by Yolande Haynes […]


How to Efficiently Design Your 2020 Mobile Marketing Strategy

July 17, 2020

Via: Scarlett Mars

There’s not much of our daily internet activity that cannot be handled by smartphones. And there’s a high chance that you are reading this article on your phone. Why is this relevant? Because, out of today’s 4.39 billion internet users, […]

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Seven ways of making your mobile application successful

April 7, 2017

Via: Olivia Foster

Once you have launched your mobile application on today’s overcrowded market, making use of clever techniques to get your product in the spotlight takes a few strategic maneuvers. All apps aspire to the top positions in the online stores, such […]

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Nearly 85 percent of smartphone app time concentrated in top five apps — [report]

September 19, 2016

Via: Marketing Land

Over the past two years, digital media time has grown significantly but most of that has been driven by mobile and apps in particular. The world of apps, however, is much smaller and more concentrated than the PC internet. Just […]

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Branch launches ‘full-stack’ tools for linking web-to-app and email-to-app

August 24, 2016

Via: Marketing Land

Deep links are links between mobile websites or mobile email, on the one hand, and apps. Unlike web links, linking to or from an app is not a simple thing, since apps work differently from sites or emails. Today, Palo […]

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How to hold onto the fleeting app user

August 11, 2016

Via: Marketing Land

For mobile marketers, the stakes have never been higher. Apps are continuing to lose more and more users — but how is this happening? Well, we already know that 23 percent of users will try an app just once and […]

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The Republican National Convention Mobile App Has Livestreaming and a 360-Degree View

July 8, 2016

Via: Adweek

Anyone inside or outside Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland later this month will be able to see all the elephants in the room in more ways than ever before. Just in time for the Republican National Convention on July 18, […]

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HGTV and Food Network’s New Amazon TV Apps Let You Shop With Your Remote

July 8, 2016

Via: Adweek

Good news, Lazybones. If you have electronics and lawn care products to buy this weekend, you might not need to get off your living room sofa. HGTV and Food Network today are announcing apps for Amazon Fire TV users that […]

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Start Me Up! Hero App lets consumers message businesses

February 29, 2016

Via: Econsultancy blog

Messaging is already the marketing topic of 2016. Facebook is evolving its platform and WeChat is as successful and fascinating as ever. Hero is a new app designed to allow consumers to message businesses. We caught up with its founder, […]

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Pair in-store, in-app content for strong omnichannel experiences: Newstore

February 26, 2016

Via: Mobile Marketer

An executive from NewStore emphasized how important it is for retailers and brands to make their applications a content destination that fits their brand to create the feeling of a trusted friend. The executive explained that users now spend the […]


5 Tools to Help You Be a More Effective Communicator

February 12, 2016

Via: Online Marketing Blog

Words. We like them. Words are good things. Words can make people buy our products through changing of their minds, which for revenue is also good. But this is depending on the just right perfect word to use for effectiveness. […]

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3 Tips From Twitter on Monetizing Your Mobile App

February 9, 2016

Via: Adweek

Twitter has released new tips for mobile developers looking to make money with their apps. Once developers have determined they’re allowed to monetize their app (they may not be allowed to, depending on the content APIs their app utilizes), Twitter […]