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Digital Political Advertising in the Spotlight: Trends to Watch in the 2018 Midterm

July 2, 2018

Via: Media Post

As we approach one of the most hotly contested midterm elections in memory, we already know one winner: digital advertising has clearly emerged as the preferred medium for both candidates and voters. Digital advertising technology has continued to advance almost […]

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Now It’s Personal: How To Place Consumers At The Heart Of A Strategy

June 27, 2018

Via: Media Post

Personalization has emerged as a top priority in retail. Brands and retailers are investing in data and technology to deliver more tailored experiences across their digital and in-store experiences. By 2022, personalization will push a revenue shift of $800 billion […]

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Should TV Content Owners Fear Fair Use?

June 15, 2018

Via: Adweek

When it comes to copyright laws, there is a grey area that many companies find confusing to navigate. “Fair use” in its most general sense is a copyright law intended to determine when unauthorized use of content infringes on the […]

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Security Is Part of the Customer Experience in Marketing

April 4, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

As companies work to define an exceptional customer experience, my guess is few of them think about the security of the customer and their personally identifiable information (PII). While consumers are willing to trade privacy for convenience, is it incumbent […]

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The State of Omnichannel Marketing

April 4, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

The customer journey crosses many channels. But until recently, most industries treated each channel discreetly, as individual silos. We’ve talked about multichannel marketing and cross-channel marketing, but creating unified omnichannel customer experiences has mostly been the province of retailers and […]

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The Good and Bad of B2B Influencer Marketing

April 3, 2018

Via: The Content Strategist

In July 2017, Kylie Jenner posted an image of herself wearing Beats by Dre headphones on Instagram. The shot shows Jenner’s profile, brushed bronze with makeup. It’s perfectly lit against a lush brown backdrop. Over her ears rest a pair […]

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6 Pieces of Marketing Advice You Can Actually Use

April 2, 2018

Via: Convince and Convert

With 2018 in full swing, marketers should be thinking about way to level-up their strategies. And as much as we wish it would, money (and a marketer’s budget) doesn’t grow on trees. You probably don’t have the budget for cash-consuming […]

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How to Analyze Your Competitors and Reverse-Engineer Their Sales Process

April 2, 2018

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

For the entrepreneur looking to enter (and hopefully disrupt) a specific industry, there’s a lot to know and learn. Perhaps most importantly, you need to quickly determine the needs of your target consumers, and figure out exactly what your competition […]

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Website Marketing How-To: The Secret to Building a Successful B2B Website

March 30, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

What if I told you that there really is one secret — a silver bullet — that all but guarantees your B2B website marketing will be successful? And by successful, I mean it will generate a positive ROI, differentiate your […]

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10 Ways Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Marketing

March 30, 2018

Via: Chief Marketer

The stats make the case: 84% of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding AI and machine learning in 2018. Seventy-five percent of enterprises using AI and machine learning enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10% and three in four organizations […]