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GDPR Compliance Means Rebuilding Lost Email Lists

July 3, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

A little more than a month into General Data Protection Regulation enforcement and brands are already reporting up to 80% losses of their email marketing lists. Even the fortunate, proactive marketers who audited their email lists are reluctant to boast […]


How to Rally Around ROI & Prioritize Your Digital Marketing Efforts in the Face of Budget Cuts

July 2, 2018

Via: Online Marketing Blog

Ask any marketer if they’ve ever had to contend with the shrinking or deep cutting of their budgets, odds are you’ll get a deep sigh and a “more than once” response. Organizations are always looking for efficiencies and ways to […]

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The Internal Processes Marketing Teams Should Automate Now

June 29, 2018

Via: Adweek

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding marketing automation. For instance, many marketers think that using automation technology involves a lengthy implementation process along every step of their workflow. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to this […]


New Marketing Words for New Technologies

June 20, 2018

Via: Kelly Redmond

As companies continue to develop new promising technologies and deliver them at low costs to end users, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with all their effects. Words like “new,” “amazing,” or “incredible” used to be considered powerful tools […]

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How Big Idea Marketing Can Live on in Data-Driven Storytelling

June 11, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

In an era not so long ago, creative directors lived in a world where the big idea was the champion — and that champion came from highly compensated (more or less) idea makers, both themselves and their creative teams, and […]

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B2B email creative doesn’t have to be all bells and whistles

June 7, 2018

Via: Econsultancy blog

The worlds of B2B and B2C marketing are more alike than they have ever been, from freemium model software such as Dropbox and Slack, to lookalike marketing or retargeting. Sadly that means some B2B email marketers attempt clever, quirky or […]

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Marketing Copywriting: Does ‘Anal Retentive’ Have a Hyphen?

May 14, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

There are many stellar copywriters out there. And there are equally great editors. But can we please have a marketing copywriting style guide? You see, there appear to be (too) many discussions around the all-important matter of how many spaces […]

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4 Tips for Maximizing Trade Show Marketing With Digital

April 27, 2018

Via: Chief Marketer

Live event marketing campaigns like trade shows are expensive endeavors. In 2015, U.S. trade shows as an industry generated more than $12.6 billion in revenue. Moreover, according to Statista, nearly half of the marketers surveyed maintained their trade show budgets […]

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Marketing Stack From Hell

April 5, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

Steve Jobs thrived at balancing the complexity that drives powerful computational systems with the simplicity required for utility. “Simple can be harder than complex,” Jobs said. “You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. […]

Big Data, Customer Data

Security Is Part of the Customer Experience in Marketing

April 4, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

As companies work to define an exceptional customer experience, my guess is few of them think about the security of the customer and their personally identifiable information (PII). While consumers are willing to trade privacy for convenience, is it incumbent […]