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Facebook antitrust cases could accelerate power balance shift for social media

December 10, 2020

Via: Marketing Dive

In moves that could shift the balance of power in social media and the wider digital ecosystem, the Federal Trade Commission (c) and more than 40 states on Wednesday filed separate antitrust lawsuits accusing Facebook of being a monopoly that […]

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Report: Facebook and Messenger Were the Most Downloaded Apps of the Decade

December 16, 2019

Via: Adweek

Mobile data and analytics company App Annie took a look at the biggest applications of 2019, as well as the biggest apps of the decade. Looking at worldwide iOS and Android downloads combined, App Annie found that Facebook Messenger was […]

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Why marketers should consider in-app advertising [stats]

August 6, 2018

Via: Econsultancy blog

A large percentage of this is likely to go towards in-app ads – currently the fastest growing form of mobile advertising. According to App Annie, in-app advertising is set to triple in value in the next few years, going from […]

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How These 4 Brands Are Using Their Apps to Personalize Customer Experience

February 20, 2018

Via: Adweek

In mobile Darwinism, every app fights for a consumer’s undivided attention and home screen, but the reality is they tend to stick with their go-to apps. And in fact, social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat are the dominant species, […]

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Messaging Apps and Chatbots: A Huge Opportunity for Agile Brands

January 31, 2018

Via: Chief Marketer

With Alexa and other digital assistants aiding our day-to-day tasks, can you be your customer’s personal assistant? Can you be right there with them, tethered and available in real-time, as a helpful, handy and human virtual assistant? Experienced brand marketers […]

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What marketers need to know about WhatsApp Business

January 19, 2018

Via: Econsultancy blog

When Facebook bought the popular messaging service WhatsApp for approximately $20bn in 2014, some observers questioned how Facebook would ever make its money back, let alone profit. And for good reason: at the time of the acquisition, WhatsApp had a […]

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Snapchat vs. Instagram vs. Facebook Stories

May 9, 2017

Via: Social Media Today

We all know that Facebook and Snap Inc. are currently in the middle of a classic Silicon Valley tech battle – this one we might call ‘The Battle of the Stories’. Snap Inc. first introduced Stories to Snapchat back in October […]

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4 Easy to Follow Lead-Generation Strategies for Instagram

May 1, 2017

Via: Social Media Today

Instagram used to be known for its artsy filters and #FoodPorn pictures, but today, with more than 700 million members (and growing fast), the social network has matured into a multi-purpose platform, and one which can help drive leads (and sales) […]

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Big mistakes that app marketers make daily

March 13, 2017

Via: Mobile Marketer

If you are a marketer or retailer with applications, I have some bad news for you. According to Nuance, 95 percent of apps are abandoned after the first month. That means all that hard work of coding and marketing an […]

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Salesforce Launches B2B Analytics App

November 4, 2016

Via: Direct Marketing News

“Most companies are totally failing at tying data to what they’re trying to do,” said Shannon Duffy, VP of Marketing forSalesforce Pardot, the cloud giant’s B2B automation arm. Although data is everywhere, she told me, people often feel they just […]

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To Succeed in Mobile, Optimize the App Store Experience

October 18, 2016

Via: Ad Age

Building a great mobile app is not enough for success. When planning your app marketing strategy, you probably sketched out a conversion funnel. But in that funnel is an unskippable step over which you have very little control: the download […]

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Twitter Adds Periscope Button to iOS, Android Apps

June 17, 2016

Via: Adweek

Twitter reminded its users that Facebook Live is far from the only live-video streaming option, adding a Periscope button to its iOS and Android applications. Mashable reported that Twitter began testing the new button “with a small percentage” of Android users in May, extending […]


Facebook Messenger and the New World of Bots

June 16, 2016

Via: Social Media Today

Do you recall Orion, the cat from the first Men In Black movie? Around his neck hung a marble-size pendant which, to everyone’s surprise, contained an entire galaxy filled with billions of stars. As fantastically sci-fi as that may seem, […]

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20 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Busy Digital Marketers

June 6, 2016

Via: Online Marketing Blog

The interconnectivity of today’s world means that digital marketers are never “off the clock”. Just because it’s a Saturday at 5pm, that doesn’t mean that there may not be a fire that needs to be put out, or a post […]

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Time for a ‘Snap-up’: how Snapchat is transforming live experiences

May 11, 2016

Via: Brand Republic

In the five years since its launch Snapchat has evolved enormously and at SXSW was more talked about than any other brand despite not having a physical presence. According to a report by CNBC, it was the most used app […]

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Advertisers cheer as live event apps take center stage

March 29, 2016

Via: Mobile Marketer

As adoption grows for live event applications, offerings are evolving to please both users and media buyers, with 2016 set to bring forth opportunities for tailored ads, live chat capabilities and local targeted messages within these platforms. The days of […]

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How Tinder has changed ecommerce

February 29, 2016

Via: Econsultancy blog

Through its fun, intuitive and frankly addictive user interface, Tinder’s simple “swipe right for yes, left for no” approach has earned it a place on mobile home-screens around the world – not to mention a valuation of $1.35bn. As the […]

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Why are consumers not converting on mobile?

February 24, 2016

Via: Mobile Marketer

We all know the world is moving to mobile. But many mobile marketers feel like they have thrown a party and no one came. They have invested in mobile Web sites, applications and mobile ad campaigns only to be rewarded […]

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Is Social Communication Making It Harder For Us To Be Social?

February 23, 2016

Via: Adweek

These days so many people have different preferences for how they like to communicate; maybe they use WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, phone calls, WeChat, Skype, or any one of many other apps on a seemingly endless list. All of these platforms […]

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How New Mobile Apps Fail: Shrinking Social Engagement

February 17, 2016

Via: Social Media Today

It’s generally a given that a larger number of mobile web users translates into increased social engagement. The notion is pretty straightforward: when we all have access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other platforms on our phones and tablets, it’s much […]