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RollWorks Launches Tool To Help B2B HubSpot Users Act On Engagement Signals

June 28, 2022

Via: MediaPost

Account-based marketing platform RollWorks has introduced a new tool for HubSpot users that it says uses data science to uncover account engagement signals. The new product, Sales Insights for HubSpot, can help B2B brands prioritize opportunities — a needed capability […]

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What is the True Cost of Running Account-Based Marketing?

April 27, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

You may have heard about the results companies are getting with account-based marketing (ABM) and you want to know what it will take to make it work for you. In particular, will it fit in your budget? Like any digital […]


Where Your ABM Is Missing the Mark & How to Reach More Prospects

January 29, 2021

Via: Rachel Oldford

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful tool when used properly—and a challenging approach if the right strategies are not efficiently put in place. While many companies say that they have doubled their ROI from using ABM, there are still some organizations […]


Account-Based Marketing in a Nutshell

January 16, 2020

Via: Natalie Dunn

Personalized marketing campaigns have been a hot topic for some time now and for good reason—getting personal with your leads will help you close more deals. And since the stakes are high, it’s no wonder that 65% of B2B buyers […]

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ABM Success Hinges on Sales and Marketing Alignment

December 13, 2018

Via: Chief Marketer

Account based marketing can significantly help B2B marketers improve the bottom line, if they have their sales teams on board for the ride. A key part of Zerto’s ABM strategy is working to better coordinate marketing activities with sales goals, […]

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B2B marketers: Share your thoughts on account-based marketing

June 9, 2017

Via: Econsultancy blog

Are you familiar with account based marketing (ABM)? Do you have experience to share or questions you’d like answered? Please click here to let us know if you’re open to a short interview with one of our researchers. Our aim is to […]

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Getting Started in Account Based Marketing

March 16, 2017

Via: Chief Marketer

Account based marketing is a huge buzzword in B2B today. But where do you begin to execute an ABM strategy successfully? In recent conversations with ABM expertsMegan Heuer, vice president/head of research, SiriusDecisions and Jon Miller, CEO, Engagio, we agreed […]

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Account Based Marketing: Where to Start

October 4, 2016

Via: Chief Marketer

Account based marketing (ABM) is getting a lot of buzz, and for good reason. Companies with sustained ABM initiatives are seeing positive and measureable results. As Marketing Land notes, “companies practicing ABM have better alignment with sales, often close bigger […]

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3 Steps to More Personalized Account Based Marketing

April 12, 2016

Via: Chief Marketer

Account based marketing is an attractive approach for B2B companies that want to be more deliberate about growing business with existing clients. Applying ABM means having a specific strategy for all interactions with a particular customer company. It’s a step […]


5 Reasons Account-Based Marketing Can Fail

January 20, 2016

Via: Chief Marketer

Account-based marketing can help B2B organizations in a variety of verticals engage and retain customers. But running ABM effectively isn’t without challenges. Here’s five reasons many account-based marketing initiatives fail. Lack of Ownership It isn’t enough to simply assign accounts […]