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7 Tips for Creating the Best Holiday Newsletter

December 29, 2022


 are undeniably the most successful digital marketing tools available today, so it’s no surprise that marketers around the world rely heavily on their use. In fact, recent studies have shown that regular newsletter campaigns improve brand loyalty, prompting customers to feel more connected to their favorite brands and also recommend them to others. After receiving these emails, customers are more likely to visit the brand’s website, recommend it to their friends, and visit the brand’s physical stores or business centers.

However, it’s never easy to create a great email campaign, and during the holiday season, it can be even more challenging. This is because customers are exposed to a large amount of information about numerous other brands. Marketers can rely on skills like creativity and authenticity, but they can also improve their strategy by applying these seven tips for creating the best holiday newsletter. 

1) Creating Personalized Emails

There is no question that a personalized approach often works better than a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. The same is true for email marketing. So, marketers should strive to create personalized emails that help customers feel more connected to their favorite brands. Several studies have found that while customers value some aspects of an email despite customization, a personal touch in emails tends to trigger a more positive evaluation of the core message. Moreover, personalized newsletters are highly appreciated by individuals who have a greater need for uniqueness.

2) Helping Customers Select Gifts

One of the best ways to ensure holiday newsletters are intriguing and engaging, according to Omnisend, a well-known marketing automation platform for e-commerce clients, is to design emails that may assist clients in selecting the perfect gifts. Marketers should design emails with the main call-to-action linking to the holiday category displayed on the brand’s website and focus on creating a more personalized holiday email. The latter means designing separate emails for different types of recipients, such as parents, grandparents, or even young professionals who might need help in picking their first corporate gifts. 

3) Creating Great Content

When it comes to newsletter campaigns, there’s no question that the content of the emails is one of the most important ingredients for success. Marketers can ensure they improve their content by including interactive elements, such as videos, animated images, or countdowns. Customers are more susceptible to time-sensitive offers, especially during the holiday season, and tend to favor visual content more than written text. 

4) Using Promotional Emails

In general, for the sake of convenience, most shoppers would prefer to make their purchases at the store nearest to their home. However, according to a McKinsey report, consumers are willing to switch stores if they find better prices elsewhere. This is why marketers should make sure that customers are aware of all upcoming sales and deals by sending them promotional emails and creating similar promotional content on the brands’ social media pages. Promotional emails should include accurate information about sales and promotions, shipping information, gift card services, contact details, and other useful information.

5) Choosing the Best Software Available

Another useful tip that can turn a good email campaign into a great one is choosing the best software available. Marketers can opt for third-party apps and platforms, such as MailChimp, Omnisend, and Klaviyo, which offer numerous built-in automated features, like pre-made templates, segmentation, and insights tools. Each of these apps and platforms is unique, and they can help marketers attract new customers and drive more opens, clicks, and sales.

6) Using Holiday Templates and Images

Using holiday templates and images in newsletters can help marketers ensure that their customers can associate their brands with the upcoming holidays. There’s no doubt that people love the festive season, and it’s worth noting that this year will also be the first COVID-free season. Marketers have an excellent opportunity to remind people why the holiday season is so important and how they can celebrate with family and friends. By simply using holiday templates and images in their newsletters, marketers can put their subscribers in a merry mood.

7) Announcing Gifts and Social Media Giveaways

Generosity has always been a significant part of the holiday season, and that’s true for people and brands alike. That’s why marketers should make sure their upcoming emails include small gifts, such as discount codes or freebies, lotteries, or social media giveaways. Customers always appreciate freebies, especially if they are useful, desirable, or simply amusing. This type of newsletter campaign can promise great results among customers.