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What’s The Alternative To Spending $7 Million On A Super Bowl Ad?

March 25, 2022

Via: Search Engine Journal

Two years ago, I asked, “Is a Super Bowl ad is the equivalent of lighting money on fire?” Advertisers just ran a total of 66 commercials during this year’s “Big Game,” so apparently my column didn’t stop brands and their […]

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Why Super Bowl Ads Still Matter to CMOs and Marketing Teams

February 4, 2019

Via: Target Marketing

Even pessimistic marketing thought leaders believe more than 100 million viewers caught the Super Bowl ads yesterday. For marketers like SunTrust Banks and Mercedes-Benz, it’s been the best place to announce initiatives that can then live on other marketing channels. […]

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NBC Gains 12% More OOH Viewers From Super Bowl

February 9, 2018

Via: Media Post - Mobile Marketing

When adding in viewers watching at Super Bowl parties — as well as all digital viewing — NBC says the big game posted 118.2 million viewers. A new metric from Nielsen, which began last year, focuses on out-of-home viewing. Preliminarily […]

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Why No One Cares About Your Ads (and How to Change That)

February 7, 2018

Via: Adweek

“I’m only watching for the ads.” We’re used to hearing this on Super Bowl Sunday, that annual bright spot for an industry in the throes of transformation. But during the rest of the year, consumers swat ads away like mosquitoes—skipping […]


Here Are the 3 Big Trends That Ruled This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

February 5, 2018

Via: Adweek

During the Super Bowl match-up of the Philadelphia Eagles versus the New England Patriots, brands looked for the next big hit. Would Chris Pratt’s flexing for Michelob Ultra work? Or would Mountain Dew’s lip-sync battle be the big hit? Ultimately, […]

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What 2017 Super Bowl Ads Say About Video Advertising Trends

February 13, 2017

Via: Media Post

Super Bowl LI is in the history books, and so is the post-game analysis of the TV ads that performed the best, the worst and created the most buzz. Now it’s time to shift the conversation and look at what […]

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Anheuser Busch Wins Super Bowl Ad Contest

February 6, 2017

Via: Media Post

For once the ads didn’t overshadow the football, but they were still pretty good. With many people calling Super Bowl LI the most exciting contest in years – possibly the best ever – the second-half comeback by the Patriots to […]

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First Overtime Super Bowl Pulls In $500M In National TV Ads

February 6, 2017

Via: Media Post

National advertising sales from Fox’s “Super Bowl LI” pulled in $432.4 million, according to This total came from 62 brands, with 89 spots, airing 91 times — including four extra commercials that ran in overtime. And the first overtime […]