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How to Identify Whether Your Increased Traffic Is Spam

April 13, 2022

Via: Moz

Traffic has spiked — hallelujah! This is what you’ve been working towards! Pause: before you start celebrating, it’s good to do your due diligence and make sure that glorious, spiked blue line under “All Users” is in fact genuine users […]

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Should You Disavow Links From Spammy Yet High Authority Sites?

January 18, 2022

Via: Search Engine Journal

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from David in Craughwell, Ireland, who asks: “When checking my and my competitor backlink profiles, I come across many links from and domains. These domains have high DA but the pages are […]

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What is Email Authentication? SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Explained

December 21, 2021

Via: Martech Zone

When we work with large email senders or migrate them to a new email service provider (ESP), email deliverability is paramount in researching the performance of their email marketing efforts. I’ve criticized the industry before (and I continue to) because […]

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Your Email Marketing Is Destined to Fail Without These 3 Essentials

September 14, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

Think email marketing is all spam? Think again! In a world where marketing pitches come at us from all angles and on every device, email marketing has held steady as the favored channel for consumers. When used well, this platform […]

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10 Tips to Avoid Email Spam Filters and Reach Your Subscribers’ Inbox

July 19, 2021

Via: CMI

Have you ever wondered why your open rate suddenly drops into the single digits? It could be the result of updated filters now sending your brand’s emails to your subscribers’ spam folders. But you don’t have to surrender to those […]

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Google on how it ranks search results and prevents obvious spam

July 6, 2021

Via: Search Engine Land

Google published a new podcast episode where John Mueller, Gary Illyes, Martin Splitt and a guest from the Google search quality team named Dewey spoke about how the search company tackles search result spam and how Google ranks search results. […]

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AI in ad spam detections and machine learning in Google search; Tuesday’s daily brief

May 11, 2021

Via: Search Engine Land

That’s what I’ve been thinking as I’ve been reading today’s news. We’ve covered quite a few stories around how ads and search providers keep moving to more automated solutions — and we’ve covered your varied reactions to it. Bing openly […]

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4 Ways to Stop Your Emails From Going to Spam

April 21, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

People have been reading more marketing emails in the past year. No less than 78 percent of marketers say they’ve seen an increase in engagement over the last 12 months. Now is the time for you to make the most […]

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Business stress is no excuse to spam

August 4, 2020

Via: Marketing Land

Whenever I think I’ve seen it all after 20+ years as an email professional, a brand does something to surprise me – and often not in a good way. As we work our way through the COVID-19 experience, companies are […]

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Facebook’s fight against spam and clickbait and what it means for advertisers

February 14, 2018

Via: Marketing Land

Facebook has overhauled its News Feed algorithm in response to critics — including advertisers — questioning the quality of the environment. Contributor Justin Freid explains how marketers should shift their strategies in response. It is no secret Facebook has made […]