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Google Shopping Ads: How To Set Them Up

August 31, 2022

Via: Search Engine Journal

Google Shopping ads are visual ads that appear when a user searches for a product on Google. Here’s an example of Shopping ads when a user searches for [pour over coffee]. This ad format is uniquely engaging. It shows additional […]

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Pinterest Ads: The Definitive Guide to Promoted Pins

April 7, 2021

Via: Search Engine Journal

Thinking of using Pinterest Ads to expand your social reach? Pinterest is a social network that helps users find ideas and inspiration for everything from home decor and style to pet accessories, recipes, and DIY activities. It’s used by over […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping Ads

February 25, 2021

Via: Search Engine Journal

If you work in ecommerce paid search, then having a working knowledge of Shopping Ads is essential for keeping up with the competition. What’s more, the significant changes in 2019 and 2020 within the Shopping Ads sphere, have made it […]