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Giant Grocery Stores Is Deploying Googly-Eyed Robots to Improve the Customer Experience

January 15, 2019

Via: Adweek

It’s as if Christopher Walken’s Googly-Eyed Gardner decided to go into retail: Supermarket chain Giant Food Stores has deployed six-foot-three-inch googly-eyed robots named Marty—and it has plans to bring him to all 172 stores across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West […]

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41% Of Small Businesses Would Use An AI Robot To Handle Marketing, Advertising Needs

May 2, 2017

Via: Media Post

The Internet of Things can impact businesses of all sizes, even those that are small. Many small businesses are quite small, with 89% of small business owners working from home at least part of the time, based on a new […]

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Robot stalkers: don’t forget the humans in advertising

March 3, 2016

Via: Brand Republic

Advertising has become so fixated with technology that it no longer remembers how to communicate with real people and has started to menace them instead. Ten years ago, everyone knew that TV advertising was dead. Digital video recorders meant that […]