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3 Ways to Maintain Strong Client Relationships

February 20, 2020

Via: Target Marketing

To build on my last article, let’s continue down the road of showing client love and keeping the spark in your client relationships alive. I used to want my clients to like me. Now I make them fall in love. […]


Marketers Can Tap Into Mobile Advertising to Create a Successful Event

February 14, 2019

Via: Adweek

Think about the last few interactions you had: making plans with a friend, setting a meeting, ordering lunch. Whether they be personal or professional, chances are that the majority of your day-to-day interactions have taken place from behind a screen. […]

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5 Tips to Get Emotional During the Holidays, Drive Sales

October 26, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

Drive sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by understanding consumers’ emotions and motivations during the apex of the shopping year, courtesy of a company that studies exactly that. Yesterday, Persado — which analyzes “the language and emotions that resonate […]