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Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategy To Local Events And Seasons

January 12, 2024

Via: Search Engine Journal

Local businesses wanting to improve their online visibility are regularly tasked with proving their “localness” and relevance to search engines. In my last article on using local partnerships and collaborations to build authority and visibility, we touched on the importance […]

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Forget TikTok: Learn To Master Video For Google Business Profiles

November 29, 2021

Via: Search Engine Journal

Watching and sharing videos just might be the world’s favorite pastime. In fact, it’s a daily event for countless people of all ages. A video that goes viral can acquire millions of views by sharing through a wide variety of […]


7 Ways to Boost Your SEO

April 19, 2021

Via: Rachel Oldford

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is beginning to sound like a cliche in the digital marketing world. However, it is not.  A shocking statistic shows that only 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page. That means optimizing […]