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Five Tactics That Can Give Your PR A Boost In 2023

January 5, 2023


1. KEEPING IT “LO-FI” Not to make a brand manager shudder, but the fact is, overly glossy, filtered content in all its forms is a huge turn-off. It’s time to get comfortable with relatable storytelling across your content for higher engagement. It’s more trustworthy, and consumers are increasingly turned off with inauthentic and staged imagery and videos. Think about it, these come across as straight ads, and when you are looking to truly capture people’s time and imagination, it’s simply not the type that works any longer. The good news is that it is friendlier on your budgets too. It’s not time to ditch the curated work entirely, of course; some industries need to show off products, venues, and experiences at their very best. But for social media, behind-the-scenes reigns supreme, and make use of those customers or employees who are your true advocates- the rest of your customers will resonate as well. Don’t forget to encourage and amplify any user generated content created in this way also- again, trust and social proof is everything when it comes to buying decisions.

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