image credit: pixabay

Optum Uses Content Marketing to Educate Customers on the Opioid Epidemic

The “opioid epidemic” is a concept too large to fathom for many, with phrases like “tearing families apart” and “devastating communities” losing their meaning after repeated use. So, when marketers at Optum, a health services and innovation company, decided to create a content marketing campaign to educate customers, they had to be very deliberate in their choices.

“Because of the nature of this devastating epidemic,” says Jennifer Hovelsrud, senior brand director at Optum, “our primary objective was educating our audiences, with integrity and expertise, on an epidemic that is devastating the lives of neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family members. Not only was this story, and its focus on education, the right thing to do for our brand, it was the right thing to do as a health system stakeholder.”

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