Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Mobile?

December 19, 2018

It seems that (almost) everyone has received the memo about responsive web design. Thankfully, it’s pretty rare in 2018 to visit a website on your mobile phone and find only teeny-tiny print and microscopic buttons. Remember the days of zooming in to read on your phone?

But just because you’ve got a responsive website doesn’t mean you’ve got mobile taken care of. It’s not enough to make sure your content is accessible on mobile — you have to think about what kind of content your audience wants on mobile. For many users, that may differ from what they want in a desktop experience. Regardless, your mobile experience should flow seamlessly from (and back into) your desktop experience, as it’s safe to assume a percentage of your audience will access your content from multiple touchpoints. At Trekk, we follow five general best practices when conceptualizing our clients’ mobile content marketing strategies.

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