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‘We’re mandating its use’: Estée Lauder turns to TikTok marketing after reach on Instagram stalls

November 22, 2022

Via: Digiday

When Estée Lauder’s reach on Instagram started to slow across EMEA, its marketers turned to TikTok.

Obviously, there’s more to it. The early success of the brand’s global TikTok account, for one. But the crux of the brand’s decision to be on TikTok came down to Instagram.

Estée Lauder’s marketers realized that no matter how big they tried to go in terms of reaching more people on the Meta-owned social network, they were stuck talking to a limited part of its desired audience, said Lubna Mohsin, the social media and content manager for Estée Lauder. Moreover, it was the same core people in the same cohort who were being reached over and again, she continued.

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