Is Your Marketing Department Ready for the Digital Revolution?

July 25, 2018


As marketing, technology, and public relations continue to evolve and adapt to the new digital revolution, marketers must also prepare and adapt to new challenges that are sure to appear along the way. Marketing professionals and communication specialists are responsible for developing and implementing actions across different platforms in order to boost the company’s message. But being a marketing professional is no easy job, especially in the digital age. Companies that do not adapt their marketing departments to the new climate are at risk of disappearing sooner or later.

With real-time information exchange literally at our fingertips and with access to devices that keep us constantly connected to the world, we should be asking ourselves what the next step in our marketing strategy will be. A brighter future might require understanding the complex architecture of the new platforms, their impact on customer engagement, and staying on top of new developments. Influencer marketing, social media and even traditional media advertising are musts, and events may also boost customer engagement. And it is not surprising to note that digital marketing courses are the way to go for any marketer that plans to shine in the age of technology.

Constant professional development might be the key

Digital marketing courses provide marketers with new online marketing skills that will support an increase in customer engagement through online activities specifically tailored to fit marketing goals. They are also extremely useful in crafting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) likely to boost companies’ growth. Courses address the need for training and provide skills for the digital transformation of companies through online marketing. Some of these programs are easily available online and also include customized course modules based on industry-specific information.

Most of the available courses include both the theoretical information that must be then applied to the business model of the company and practical exercises designed to define online strategies and strategic actions. But what really makes online courses great for both employees and companies everywhere is the fact that they provide a fast and effective way of closing the technological gap in digital marketing. Whether marketers just need a quick beginner’s course in social media tactics or a deep dive into advanced digital marketing topics, the company may provide them with fast and easy access to important information via online courses.

Something old, something new…

New seems to be the best word to describe the current environment of digital marketing, but should marketers also use old tricks? Retailers seem to think so and Amazon’s Prime Day also seems to confirm it. Amazon described it as “the biggest global shopping event in Amazon history,” with consumers buying more than 100 million products. Sales outranked Cyber Monday, Black Friday and 2017’s Prime Day, despite protests related to the poor working conditions of Amazon employees. It seems that the Seattle giant came up with a solution to not only efficiently digitalize events but also turn them into new opportunities for marketers everywhere.

The e-commerce giant said that Prime Day was the largest single-day sale on Amazon Echo products, with Prime members from 17 different countries taking part in the event. “Extending Prime Day to a day and a half this year allowed us to further reward members with unbeatable deals, access to exclusive new products and unforgettable experiences that highlight the many benefits of a Prime membership,” Amazon said. Other retailers may join the trend by offering their own deals events online.

Marketers who want to stay competitive have to make sure they have all the right digital skills. Companies may also need to adapt by providing their marketing departments with new opportunities to grow, but also with the means of expressing their creativity. Even if the new buzzwords in digital marketing are “influencer marketing” and “social media” and main media advertising is still important, other actions may also do the trick. As everyone loves a good bargain, a consumer-first approach might prove to be a safer bet. That might also mean using old marketing tricks like shopping events by carefully adapting them to the digital age.

Digital marketers need new skills like analytics, copywriting, sales and social media. Online marketing courses might provide them with the right tools for the digital age, but they may need to transform the old tools of the trade.