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Turning Empowered Customers into Brand Enthusiasts: A Case for Customer-Centric Corporate Strategy

March 8, 2018

Customer experience standards set by e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay necessitate  the enhancement of order fulfillment processes to ensure customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. While there are reservations about omni-channel’s potential to drive profitability, intelligent omni-channel order management and fulfillment processes are proving to be worthy investments for organizations wishing to meet heightened customer expectations while containing their cost-to-serve. In fact, Aberdeen’s research shows that Best-in-Class companies are 50% more likely to be using an Omni-channel Order Management system when compared with All Others.

Most companies now have a need for omni-channel order management capabilities. Because of the pressures placed on businesses by the empowered consumer, direct-to-customer deliveries are made from all levels in the supply chain.

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