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Amazon Sellers Getting Hit with Fuel Surcharge

April 15, 2022

Via: Small Business Trends

Amazon announced that it would be levying a 5% fuel and inflation fee on online merchants that use its shipping services. The move by Amazon is an attempt to offset rising costs to its operations brought about by inflation and […]

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How Reverse Logistics Solutions Can Streamline Returns Processing in the E-Commerce Marketplace

November 1, 2021

Via: Martech Zone

The COVID-19 pandemic hit and the entire shopping experience changed suddenly and completely. More than 12,000 brick-and-mortar stores closed in 2020 as shoppers moved to shop online from the comfort and safety of their homes. To keep up with changing […]


Data Analytics Can Take Last Mile Logistics a Long Way

February 14, 2019

Via: Kelly Redmond

When it comes to online shopping, consumers demand instant or near-instant gratification. But the last mile of the package they purchased is always problematic, making it almost impossible to meet demands in the short amount of time your consumers expect. […]