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A handy template for your content marketing mission statement

January 26, 2018

Via: Econsultancy blog

This quick tip (and template) comes from Ecconsultancy’s Content Strategy Best Practice Guide and concerns the creation of a content marketing mission statement. A content marketing mission statement captures the essence of content strategy in a single sentence, which is […]

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YouTube Ups Content Quality for Brands

January 18, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

Brand representatives, sick of seeing their ads playing before the video of the body of someone who recently committed suicide shows up on consumers’ screens, are getting their wish for tighter content enforcement from YouTube. On Monday, a YouTube blog […]

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Using Content to Bridge the Sales-Marketing Divide

January 15, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

Too often in content marketing circles — and marketing circles in general — we see a separation between the work marketers do and what their counterparts in the sales department do. That’s not healthy. Combating that issue can be a […]

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How to Create Local Content for Local SEO

January 10, 2018

Via: Duct Tape Marketing

Pre-internet days, it didn’t take a lot for local businesses to notify a prospect that they are located in the same city. Handing them a flyer with business details and an address was pretty much a giveaway as to where […]

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Individualization Is the New Personalization — AI Meets Content Marketing in 2018

January 8, 2018

Via: Target Marketing

How we navigate the universe is decidedly omnichannel, so one digital platform or touchpoint does not bear more influence on customer purchases than another. Instead, how and why consumers engage and take action is tightly tied to their interests as […]

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Creating B2B Content That Connects

January 2, 2018

Via: Chief Marketer

When creating copy, do you write what you want to say—or what your audience actually wants to hear? “Having the right words is critical, because in marketing as in scrabble, some words are worth more than others,” says Nancy Harhut, […]

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How to Crush Your Digital Content Experiences

December 29, 2017

Via: Chief Marketer

Content marketers around the world know that technology is changing faster than many businesses can handle and that the pace of change is increasing. This evolution is characterized by four major trends: 1. Content explosion 2. Omnichannel proliferation = content […]

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When Should You Gate Your Content? 3 Questions to Help You Decide

November 15, 2017

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

Gating content like white papers and e-books behind forms and pop-ups is now so popular and widespread that it’s difficult to find a modern website that doesn’t do it. Though perhaps obnoxious, it’s perfectly understandable given that lead generation has […]

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Content for SMBs – how to scale and adapt

October 5, 2017

Via: Olivia Foster

Content marketing for SMBs (small and medium businesses) has its own particularities, in terms of planning, strategy, size and delivery methods. Regardless whether the digital marketing team is on-premises or if the company hires the services of an independent marketer, […]

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Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Stand Out with Visuals

September 18, 2017

Via: Social Media Today

Visual content is an important element of any digital marketing process. Indeed, according to this new infographic from LinkedIn: “When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image […]