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AI-Generated Content Creation: A Digital Marketing Game Changer

February 29, 2024

Via: Camila Mendes

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have fundamentally changed the world. Seeping into every sector, these powerful tools have made large data models accessible and easy to work with. They give rise to predictive analytics and automation, with so many use […]

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TikTok rolls out new label for AI-generated content

September 19, 2023

Via: Search Engine Land

TikTok is launching a new label to help creators tag their AI-generated content. Creators are advised to use this label on content that’s been fully or heavily edited by AI to comply with the platform’s rules on synthetic media. Additionally, […]

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Proposed Bill Would See Social Platforms Held Legally Liable for Distribution of AI-Generated Content

June 14, 2023

Via: Social Media Today

This could throw a spanner in the works for the rising trend of generative AI elements within social apps. Today, Republican Senator Josh Hawley and Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced legislation that would effectively side-step Section 230 protections for social […]

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Google reiterates guidance on AI-generated content – write content for people

February 8, 2023

Via: Search Engine Land

With all the buzz around generative AI in search, Google today reiterated and clarified some of its advice about AI-generated content. In short, Google does not care who – or what – writes your content, as long as that content […]