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How To Use Agile Marketing for a More Productive (and Happier) Content Team

April 20, 2022

Via: CMI

It’s time to stand up for your content marketing operations. Yes, physically get up from your chair. Ask your content marketing peers to do the same. Stand together every workday for no more than 15 minutes. Share what you’ve done […]

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What your CMO needs to hear about agile marketing

October 14, 2020

Via: Marketing Land

While your marketing team may be all jazzed up about agile, your CMO may need a little more convincing. Find out what to say (and what not to say) to your executive that will help her see the value in […]

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Getting the C-Suite to buy in on agile marketing

September 9, 2020

Via: Marketing Land

While agile marketing is the norm for many marketing operations teams, the C-suite in most organizations is likely preoccupied with other concerns than trying to understand scrum versus kanban. So how do you break down agile marketing to executives with […]

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Agile marketing in the era of COVID-19, BLM and recession

June 16, 2020

Via: Marketing Land

A good friend asked me an interesting question the other day: How can a company in the email space build equity in today’s market? It was interesting to me because I talk about this a lot, in forums like this […]

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How to choose the right agile marketing framework

June 5, 2020

Via: Marketing Land

I often get asked which framework is better for agile marketing — Scrum or Kanban? The truth of the matter is every company and every team is a unique organism with differing needs and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Having coached […]

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Drop Multi-Touch Attribution and Adopt an Agile Marketing Approach

May 1, 2020

Via: Target Marketing

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) was once the poster child of marketing trends. Its grand promise? Implement MTA and a marketing team could unlock a consumer’s much-desired “path to purchase.” Via tracking users across devices and ads, using consumer identity and clicks […]

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The Smartest Marketing Strategy: Agile Marketing

May 24, 2018

Via: Adweek

One of the most popular digital marketing buzzwords of 2018 is agility. Considering how fragmented the social media landscape has become and the rapid pace of ad product innovation, it’s no wonder marketers extol the strategy of thinking and acting […]

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The Secret to Executing a Successful Agile Marketing Plan

March 20, 2017

Via: Adweek

At a time of depleting attention spans and constant distractions thanks to social media and smartphones, business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands have a small window of opportunity to capture a consumer’s or fellow businesses’ attention. Those that are able to implement the most […]

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Should You Consider a Digital Marketing Agency That Follows Agile Marketing Principles?

June 13, 2016

Via: Online Marketing Blog

We’ve all been there. At the moment you mapped your route to your next destination, there was no traffic. As you’re cruising down the road you notice of trail of brake lights distantly in front of you. You pull up […]