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Meta unveils ad-free Facebook and Instagram subscriptions in Europe

October 30, 2023

Via: Search Engine Land

Meta is rolling out no ads subscriptions for Facebook and Instagram users in Europe. People in the EU, EEA and Switzerland will be given the choice to either continue using these platforms with personalised ads, or pay a fee to […]

Media, Television

TV Industry Tracks Toward Ad-Free Subscription Services

June 6, 2018

Via: Media Post

Madison & Vine is still one of the busiest intersections in marketing, but navigating it has become dramatically more complicated. During its glory days, almost two decades ago, when Mark Burnett was scoring tremendous deals with his reality TV franchises, […]


Digital Marketing News: Facebook Teases Ad-Free Subscriptions, Google Tests SERP Questions, & Online Ad Spend Jumps

May 11, 2018

Via: Online Marketing Blog

Facebook Weighs Ad-Free Subscription Option Facebook is considering an ad-free paid subscription option for users, and has recently conducted market research on how such an plan would go over at the company, which brought in the vast majority of last […]

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Could an Ad-Free, Subscription Version of Facebook Be a Viable Option?

May 7, 2018

Via: Adweek

Rumors that Facebook is pondering an ad-free subscription option have been around almost as long as Facebook itself, but with the weeks of privacy-related heat the social network has recently faced, perhaps this latest round of speculation should be taken […]

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CBS All Access Debuts Ad-Free Option

September 2, 2016

Via: Media Post

CBS is starting up a commercial-free option for its CBS All Access digital video platform. The consumer price tag will be $9.99 per month. CBS will also continue its existing service of $5.99 a month, which airs TV commercials. Marc […]

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Why This Agency Created an Ad-Free, Niche Cooking Magazine

July 9, 2016

Via: Adweek

A new magazine hit newsstands this week—a niche cooking magazine called Sous-Vide—and the team behind it might surprise you. While the concept for the magazine came from company Cuisine Solutions, 95 percent of the content created for it was composed […]